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Hand steamer

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one size

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If the blouse isn’t dirty, steam it.
Did you know that 99,9 % of the bacteria are killed when steaming? So it gives the same effect as a dry clean except way cheaper. 

With a steamer you can’t burn or damage the silk, it’s easy to bring with you when you travel and you steam the blouse while it’s hanging on a hanger. It is both easy, time saving and gives a great result

With a total weight of 580 grams and a 1500 W steam engine, Cirrus is the lightest but yet the most powerful handheld steamer on the market.

The embedded pressurized pump allows Cirrus to maintain a high steam pressure and steam both vertically (like a steamer) and horizontally (like an iron). Don't forget to only use distilled water in your Cirrus to keep it in a great condition.

Starts in 25 seconds
1500 W
Weight: 0,58 kg
100 ml water tank – 7 min of on demand steam (enough to steam one outfit)
Included fabric brush – to remove dust and to use for extra sensitive fabrics
Included travel bag combined with portable ironing board - perfect to press collars and cuffs on business shirts and make creases on pants
Included filling cup
1 year warranty
Plug: European (for UK - click here)
Power voltage: 220-240 V
Colour: White with grey details
Volym: 1 dl
Made in China
CE/RoHS Certificate

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