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Silk is one of the most exclusive materials you can possibly wear. It has an amazing finish and falls beautifully on the body, at the same time; it is both timeless and luxurious. One of its many other strengths is also the fact that silk is a breathable material, which means that you don’t have to wash it every time it has been worn. Silk is although a fragile material that needs to be handled with care. To keep it in a great condition and make it last as long as possible we recommend following:

1. Steam it
If the blouse isn’t dirty, steam it! Did you know that 99,9 % of the bacteria are killed when steaming? So it gives the same effect as a dry clean except way cheaper. You can buy a hand steamer at 

2. Wash it
If you need to wash it, you can either choose dry-clean or use the hand wash program on your washing machine.

If you choose the hand wash program, make sure you use a detergent that is free from enzymes, preferably a silk detergent or a special detergent for fine and fra- gile items (ordinary detergent damages the fat that gives silk its soft feeling). We can really recommend this one.

Make sure all zippers are closed and wash the silk piece by itself.

3. Hang dry
Once the garment is washed, hang it directly on a hanger to dry.

4. Iron / Steam 
If you need to iron, make sure it doesn’t get warmer than one dot. You can use full steam on your iron to get the fabric completely smooth. But of course we mostly recommend the hand steamer. With a steamer you can’t burn or damage the silk, it’s easy to bring with you when you travel and you steam the blouse while it’s hanging on a hanger. It is both easy, time saving and gives a great result.

Handle it with care and it will last a lifetime.


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