Silk - is one of the most exclusive materials you can wear; it's timeless and luxurious. One of the best parts of silk as a material is that it's breathable, so you don't have to wash it after every use.

Okay, so how do you take care of your silk garment? Silk can have a bad reputation for being hard to care for, but we think the opposite. We always recommend using a steamer first hand when taking care of your silk garment. When steaming silk, it kills 99% of all bacteria, meaning that if you don't have a stain on the piece, it doesn't need more than a quick steam. And as an opposite to the ironer, you can't burn silk with a steamer, and there won't be any sharp creases.

But - if you need to wash it, we recommend going to the dry cleaner or using the hand wash program on your washing machine. If you wash it at home -it's essential to use a detergent that is free from enzymes and preferably use a silk detergent or a special detergent for delicate items. Ordinary detergent damages the fat that gives silk its soft feeling. And when washing, make sure all zippers are closed and wash the piece by itself. Once the garment is washed, hang it directly on a hanger to dry.

If you have to iron it, make sure the iron doesn't get too warm since silk is easily burned. You can use full steam on your iron to get the garment completely smooth. But first hand, we highly recommend using a steamer. The steamer can't burn or damage silk; a steamer is also easy to bring on trips. Its easy, time-saving, and gives a great result.

Handle it with care, and it will last a lifetime.