Established in 2013, Ahlvar Gallery updates the iconic silk blouse for the urban woman. Combining fluid, everyday silk pieces with more traditional classics, Swedish designer and founder Frida Ahlvarsson seeks to redefine the notion of timeless dressing.

 Ahlvar Gallery is built on the passion of creating timeless and versatile pieces that give the wearer confidence. A company that doesn't have any investors, and we don't compromise on quality.

"Each garment has its purpose" - the mentality that the garments are created with, which means that you don't need to buy an entire outfit to feel complete. This, together with our timeless mindset, creates a design that can be worn on several different occasions. Ahlvar Gallery makes rough and refined pieces for the rebellious strong woman. The collection contains a contemporary design with traditional classics. We are staying forever faithful to our refined classic silk blouse. We create feminine, everyday classics accented with a sense of attitude.

Frida Ahlvarsson Founder and Head of Design at Ahlvar Gallery


Born and raised in Sweden with a passion for design. Early on in Frida's life, she got diagnosed with scoliosis, and while the other kids were out playing, Frida had to spend a part of her childhood within the walls of her childhood home. The sewing machine became her escape and creativity outlet, and most days were spent sewing stuffed figures. Stuffed animals turned into clothes as the young designer went on to study design and work with big brands.

"After ten years as a designer working for other brands, I decided to follow my dreams and create my own label. For several years this idea has been in the back of my head. I wanted to create that perfect blouse that you can wear together with a pair of black trousers and high heels. A timeless blouse that is neither too cute nor too ladylike- that is sensual without overdoing it. My main focus is blouses. Feminine blouses with unique seams and cuts to mess it up and to renounce from the plain, sweet and noble. Just a hint of "trompe l'oeil" (fool the eye) to enhance rather than confuse. My goal is that it should feel well executed but also uncomplicated and easy to wear. A timeless collection that strikes a perfect balance between wearable and unique."