Our vision


“Silk blouses have become a bit of a tarnished word that many define as ladylike or cute. I have put all my focus into this and my aim is to make blouses that still feels feminine but with a slightly more edgy expression. Neither too cute not ladylike, like silk easily can be.”
Frida Ahlvarsson, co-founder of Ahlvar Gallery

Nothing can be more sustainable than a timeless silk blouse. A blouse you can wear day and night for a lifetime. Pieces you find yourself relying on no matter if the occasion is a late dinner or a business meeting. Look at them as long-term investment that pays off every time you are wearing them, and we promise it will be often. This is what we call sustainability and as far from mass production as you could come.

We produce our garments in one of China’s most well known silk factory that also produces pieces for high-end fashion brands like Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim, Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander Wang. To be able to make pieces with high quality and impeccable finish we believe in the importance of knowledge and experience and we are therefore working with the most professional workers in the industry. We can proudly inform you that pieces from Ahlvar Gallery is produced in a factory with only well-paid workers who have long experience from silk production.


Silk stretch might be the most comfortable material you can possibly wear. It feels as soft as silk on the skin but with the benefits of stretch that makes it possible to move as freely as you would like to. This is the perfect combination between exclusive silk and modern technique, resulting in a material that is even more complicated to produce than traditional silk. A perfect material used in the perfect pieces for any woman who wants to stay comfortable and dressed all day long.


The legend says that silk first was discovered around 4500 years ago by the Chines empress Xi
Ling Shi, also called the Goddess of silk. It has since then been a favorite material among royals, fashion designers and celebrities, thanks to its elegant finish and high quality. Time and knowledge are still key when producing silk and the long and complicated production process is also the reason why it costs more than many other materials. The process starts with the caterpillar that digests a diet of mulberry leaves for a period of time before emerging itself into a cocoon made of one single silk thread, this thread can become up to one kilometer long. To obtain the thread the cocoon is put into hot water and it is these threads that later is processed, twisted together, spun and finally weaved into silk fabrics. This is the secret to why silk still is one of the most expensive and exclusive materials on the market and the answer to why our products are modern luxury investments that lasts as long as you want them to.